Refrigeration Tips

Refrigeration Tips

The box and insulation are designed to keep your ingredients cold through shipment; however, once your box arrives it's important to put the ingredients in your refrigerator.

Here's a quick breakdown of how to refrigerate each of your ingredients.​

Meats and Fish
All of our meats are cryovaced to keep them fresh. When your delivery arrives, we recommend you transfer your ingredients to your refrigerator as soon as possible. We recommend you cook your fish and shellfish within three days of receiving your Basket and your meat and poultry within five days. 

If you're not going to be cooking a meal until much later in the week, we recommend keeping meats (especially seafood) in your freezer until you're ready to prepare the meal. Then, defrost when you're ready to cook. 

NOTE Be sure not to refreeze any completely thawed protein! It is acceptable for the protein to have thawed during transit, but we do not recommend refreezing unless protein is still frozen. 

Ingredient Bags

We bag your ingredients by recipe so they're easy to find. You can put the whole bag in your fridge, but it's always a good idea to take a peek inside to check on things or to see if there's an avocado, tomato or peach that could use a little ripening on the counter.


Aside from some pre-washed greens, many of Sun Basket's fresh vegetables are coming directly from our family of farmers and haven't been washed yet. We recommend you give them a rinse before cooking since they are coming directly from the farm to the table. Leafy greens and whole vegetables will usually keep best in your fridge crisper drawer, but onions, shallots, and certain fruits will be good outside the refrigerator.

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